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Tokaido Ultimate: Klassikeren ifra Tokaido, perfekt til alle former for karatetrening, tradisjonell design, dvs lengre erm og benlengde.
Denne gien vil du ha glede av i mange år.

Ultimate og Yakudo er lik stoffkvalitet men design er forskjellig, Yakudo er designet for Kata med kortere erm og benlengde og lengre skjørt. Tokaido Ultimate er fri for logoer.
Vi kan brodere ditt navn på Japansk eller Norsk. Navnebrodering utføres nederst på jakkebremmen.
Made in Japan.      
100% Cotton
12 Oz.

The new edition of the legendary Gi Ultimate(SAW) is designed for everyday all around training.
Strong enough to last and light enough for comfort; the Ultimate will provide you with many years of service.

Karate gi Tokaido in established quality – high quality down to the smallest detail. The Ultimate is an excellent all-around suit for demanding karatekas.
Traditional cut. Long sleeves, long trousers and short skirt. . In this suit, you feel comfortable by Kumite and Kata, it is ideal for universal demands.
Heavyweight. Very durable and tear resistant.Multiple stitched and reinforced seams.
Extremely comfortable.
The pants with traditional drawstring. The TOKAIDO waistband means maintenance and reliable hold, without having the feeling of being constricted.
Free of advertising. The suits, suitable for traditional dojos and training courses, are free of advertising or logos on the jacket back / neck and chest. There´s only one label on the jacket and pants.
Individual embroidery, the suit fits perfectly for individual embroideries.


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200cm, 195cm, 190cm, 185cm,  180cm, 175cm, 170cm, 165cm, 160cm, 155cm,  150cm

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